Tuesday, August 4, 2009

A joke taken too far they say! So what?

Talk of tirade! Since my last post, I have been bombarded with accusations, allegations, complaints, kitchen sink...you name it and I had it. From a benign reprimand of taking a joke too far to being accused of raping Anuj, I have heard it all. The following is an excerpt from a chat with a friend whom I dare not name:

Romancing: ki holo? lojjay nuye shuye porli je? nyakami bondho korbi?
me: Ki kore graphic detail dyi bol to? Oi foot massage korte giye hoye galo
11:01 PM (Romancing: achha hoye gelo mane ki aritro? eta to thik typical sex jemon hoy temon noy... how was it exactly? enjoyment beshi? na experiment er anondoi prodhaan?
11:02 PM me: Theek bole bojhate parbo na Adbhoot satisfaction Never thought this will happen
11:03 PM (Romancing: she ar ke age theke bhebe kore... kintu anuj-o raji hoye gelo? who played the masculine part? you?
11:04 PM me: Bollam na it just happened...raji, gar raji howar shujog pawa jayena (Romancing: aha.... onyo keu hole to toke resist korto... o koreni to... tar mane o-o chaichhilo erokomi?
11:05 PM me: Ta to janina Chawa na chawar byapar noy Just happens
11:06 PM (Romancing: durr... khali ek kotha... ichhe chhara kichhu hoy? tahole to bolte hoy tui oke rape korechhish
me: Hoy to... Hoy to tai

I had little option but to offer a meek "confession". And some people did not even bother to take it with a pinch of salt. I was hung, quartered and then left to rot in the sun. I am not complaining but. As they say, any publicity is good publicity. And the megalomaniac that I am, the torrent of comments, mails, chats, etc. boosted my ego all the way up to the stratosphere. And guess what! Whatever I write on my blog is not even half as scandalous as the things I tell my parents and leave them red in the face. The success of slander has emboldened me to spill those beans on the Net now. Keep an eye on this space.