Monday, July 13, 2009

To comment or not and...

Never really thought Oddly Bangali would tickle so many funny bones. The response has been tremendous and in fact, I had a hard time resisting myself from taking another swipe at the battered – or for those who can take a joke on themselves, tickled – Bangali and decided to thank the readers who laughed along, and hopefully, at themselves.
However, there are people who beg to differ, not necessarily with the content but with my style and have reserved their comments since they are good friends and wouldn’t want to indulge in a public spat. Topping this list is Pooja, although she has more ulterior motives. Jealous woman that she is, Pooja can’t accept the fact that her boyfriend Anuj found mention in the post while she missed out. So, in spite of my several pleas eliciting a comment (how else will my blog look happening if my posts don’t get buried under a mountain of wacky comments?), she refused.
But beware the wrath of a scorned blogger. I struck where it hurts most yesterday...well not literally. The readers already know that Anuj and I get along like a house on fire. In fact, we had once planned of setting up a bar in Bombay called “Where Baldies Clink” only to realise that would be as gay as it gets. Not that it will hold us back…
So when Anuj complained of pain in his left calf muscle yesterday afternoon, I took it upon myself...literally his legs on my thighs and gave him a…massage. Well, I won’t get into the details in an attempt to make it to the shortlist for the Bad Sex Award 2009, it suffices to say that things happened. Although, there were plans of a shower in his out-of-the-world loo (I mean it. He should charge people 10 bucks to get a glimpse of his loo and 100 bucks for a shower), we abandoned the plan since his mom got suspicious and instead, went out for a drive down the narrow bylanes of Kalikapur towards the setting sun.
The result: I couldn’t, for my life, remember my lotus notes password in the office today! Went to the GTS with a sheepish grin and got a new one instead.
Now that I am done with my revenge with Pooja, I turn my attention to Shantanu Sikdar, my soon would-be-former tenant. I had coaxed and cajoled him – even went to the extent of threatening to throw him out – to comment, but he refused. And to make matters worse, he has turned the table and decided to vacate the flat. Although, he reasons that he plans to shift his operations to Salt Lake, I have an inkling that he just wants to run away from this constant nagging. There goes my comment and rent.
Ok! These were more blatant refusals to comment and my revenge or failure to do anything about it. But what really left me stumped was the subtlety of a response that literally meant that I should stop blogging so that people don’t need to comment at all. And what this friend of mine said is worth quoting. So, here goes: “Your silence is powerful.”
But far from putting a lid on my blogging spree, this response finally convinced me that I should come out of this blogging hibernation. To hell with my silence, and sense of power is anyway a construct. To blog or to not is not the question Horatio! Touché. Come, come, I am spoiling for a fight! Blog I shall! And how!

PS: I must mention the other great love of my life -- Satrajit. Make no mistake. Anuj is just the means to get even with Pooja. The pic below says it all.